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Graduation can be seen as an exciting time where I get to move onto another stage in my life that will lead to new life experiences. My road to graduation includes having to balance college courses ,while still applying to college, and studying for standardized tests, having to go to work, not experiencing my senior year fully and having anxiety about the future. Angelou provides readers at large, the depiction of her own graduation, as well as educational and societal issues through the use of juxtaposition, imagery and various rhetorical questions.

Right before her graduation, Maya Angelou was on cloud nine. She was so optimistic about her world and its potential. She never imagined that her graduation would change her life in the way it did. My personal story is actually quite similar to hers.

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Unlike her story, mine takes place in my junior year of high school. I was a verdant person before my junior year of high school.

I was aware of such things as bullying, but never experienced it myself. I never imagined that I would even be subject to…. Although she consistently implies her want to continue education, the text is mostly directed towards her views on how African-Americans were treated in the early nineteen hundreds. Angelou explains graduation as such a sacred event and something supposed to be cherished and celebrated with family.

When Angelou gets to her graduation, she is ecstatic.

"The Graduation" (Maya Angelou)

This feeling of exuberance gets shifted when…. Her critically acclaimed works have changed the way of the African American autobiography is written. Angelou well known as an entertainer was urged by James Baldwin and by the cartoonist Jules fifer and his wife Judy to try her hand at writing an autobiography.

After several refuels she agreed the results was a unique series of autobiographical narratives.

I know why the caged bird sings is the first of Maya Angelous's five autobiographies…. Width: pixels Height: pixels. Constrain to simple back and forward steps.

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Maya Angelou “The Graduation” and Langston Hughes "One Friday Morning" Essay Example

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Maya Angelou's 1992 Commencement Address at Spelman College

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. During the actual ceremony Maya Angelo listened to a couple of speakers, one on whom spoke about the predetermined success of the other, mainly the guys, and who would go on to do what. This was a very different day and time.

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Now speakers speak about the graduation class in whole. The celebration that followed the actual ceremony never took place. It seemed as if the graduation itself was the only importance left to graduating class. Unlike today, after graduation there is a big after party, one which I did not attend, only learning of its events from former class mates the following day.

I feel that we take a lot for granted these days; Maya Angelo was a product of her environment.