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With the spread of media, massive information has been broadcast by diverse channels which results in depriving human being of the sense of real thing. Soaring real estate prices fed by profit driven developers and a deluge of investment and speculation from the. Definition of the Public Interior The thesis focuses on scenarios related to public interiors. The definition of Public Interior refers to spatially enclosed environments which are experienced as a part to the public realm. In this definition, public interiors includes. The light is the light of that room. For the public, this relationship makes their experience of the city with architecture single dimensional: limited.


This thesis is looking into the new relationships between architecture and work culture in light of the current information revolution. The modern city have been built with clear zoning distinctions, from residential to commercial to industrial zones, whether if inherited. Firstly, I would like. This thesis is trying to study how to build up the architecture with hands and traditional tools by using AR technology providing accurate guide line and try to apply AR into the way of making of architecture and test the.

Rich Public bathing dates back to the Greeks and the Romans. With the urban revolution and.

Agri-Market Hall - Sustainable Architecture using vertical farming to improve social sustainability

Fig 1. During this period, Western China has developed a large number of heavy industries which relied on the nature resources. However, In my view, nowadays. Undoubtedly Hong Kong, formed with an peninsula and islands, has always been closely related to the waters. The relationship between people and water. Temporary and mobile architecture is the trend and would have a great demand in the future — under limited spacing of city, it would be more flexible and offer great potential for temporary architecture to held human activities. To facilitate. Thermes de Vals by Peter Zumthor When psychological atmosphere can be used as one kind of material, a space experienced only by our sensory could be created, just right for its purpose and for its place.

Counting non-stop, at one number a second, it would take you 31 years, days, 7 hours, 46 minutes, and 39 seconds to count to 1 billion. But if we use the Powers of Magnitude, 1x10x10…x10, we can be there in. Under oppressive governance, subtler pursuits of identity, freedom and democracy are emerging, through. The history of public housing in Hong Kong goes back to s, and over the years the government has been trying hard provide better living environment for the Hongkong people, the changes in housing strategy, the experimentation on housing typology. They still like to live in nature, though they can not really live in the original nature any more.

But the fact is. The interference between land and water Why Rising sea level continuously poses a long-term existential danger to the coastal cities such as Boston, Miami and New York due to global warming. Hong Kong is one of the most populated city in the world. Huge population and limited space had caused to a housing shortage.

With the wealthy gradually edge out the poor, where does the less well-off go? Many of the. Resilience Architecture Under such an extreme weather, there are still minority of species living in these area when it is always seems like impossible to inhabit. For example, there are cactus growing under melting hot weather, there are moss growing. The construction of reservoirs in rural China has been forcing thousands of villagers leaving their home village where their ancestors have been living for generations.

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The lack of planning and concern on these immigrants have resulted in their difficulty in. Natural disasters. Such headlines have been appearing more frequent in recent headlines. Can architecture help prevent damage from these disasters? Can architecture help heal the psychological and physiological trauma of such experiences? Shelters that can function on a day-to-day basis with mixed use functions for the community. Automobiles and roads are just like zippers.

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In contemporary cities, automobiles and roads penetrate into every corners of the cities because of speed and convenience. They are like opened zippers as the city is divided into many fragmented pieces.

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However, to some extent, everyone is living in a parallel world, the street, the. Nowadays,multi-used buildings can be seen everywhere especially in metropolis for the purpose of providing space for diversities of activities. Most of them are provided a big box with decorative facades regardless of what type of activities interior. Architecture,itself,should establish the relationship. Urban development is an ongoing dynamic process of renewal and change, in this process of metabolism, how to deal with the existing old building has become a serious problem.

These are not only including some historic buildings which are in. The huge influx of refugees into Europe has been an urgent issue for the last couple of years. These camps often are not as temporary as they were constructed for. The number of people that have been forced to flee their homes has reached a post-war peak of 60 million, one third of whom had to leave their country.

From that apocalyptic statistic, designers cannot just stand by and watch. We have heard of virtual reality, but if we think in contrast, there can also be real virtuality.

In modern society, people will get extra information thanks to the addition of virtual information into the reality. Indeed, there is situation. After the industrial revolution and modern movement, our living environment has been massively casted concrete. Because it is convenient, strong and can be casted into almost any forms.

And in the recent 2 decades, with the powerful digital modeling tools,. Urban Village is an unique category of urban zone in China nowadays. These villages are formed by migrant workers in 80ss in China. Because of urban expansion in wider range, these villages have to be reconstructed. Basically, original local residents. Cities build as they demolish.

We remember as we forget. Architecture creates memories. Human memories are spatial. Human experience always occur in a place and our memory of any experience is always place specific. Memory of the city is shaped. This thesis is dedicated to the city of Hong Kong, where 7. The thesis attempts to translate a piece of music into an architectural form and spatial relationship. Music and architecture share many similar attributes and logic.

The aim of this thesis is to combine research methods with architectural design to propose an elderly living community with focusing on flexibility and adaptability. The typical elderly housing of China is mostly related to large scale mega-complexes that tended. Sundays are their day off, and these domestic helpers usually spend the day outside, whatever the.

Preservation is not about restoring old buildings in a way that looks exactly as it is before. In Hong Kong, many public spaces like laneways are always abandoned. Even though those spaces are undesirable, they still have its potential to be optimized.

In western countries, some unwanted spaces such as laneways are activated to line with a variety of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. Those redesigned laneways not only become an extension of public space, but also increase the connectivity within the city.

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If, the essence of deconstructionism, reveals an advanced method to analysis the composites, where the relationships between. Architects design to seek for specific atmospheres; fairytales lie on the fact that, whilst being simple stories, they often enclose powerful philosophical messages whose ultimately aim to trigger reflection upon different aspects of human nature. They are stories tend to. Architecture could be an extended nature to enrich human perception towards the genuine one.

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  6. Through layers of materials providing more-than-enough protection, architecture seems to obstruct people from experiencing the dynamic nature by creating clear boundary in various forms, without utilizing. The result, a Utopic modernist city is generated without any influence under the global history on Architectural Discourse.

    Therefore their architecture remains an extremely pure archetype.