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Distant and long resuscitate, They show as the dial or move as the hands of me, I am the clock myself. I am an old rubric, I tell of my fort's bombardment, I am there again. Once, while teaching this DBQ lesson, a student asked a very desperate and important question. I mean, how do I write it in my essay?

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In other words, if a student can read a document and analyze its meaning and can identify an example of Extended Analysis, they may still need help in how to effectively write it in their essay. As I considered how to teach students this skill, I concluded that not only do students struggle with effectively writing Extended Analysis, but they also struggle with how to establish effective Argument Development as required by the DBQ rubric. In the end, these strategies teach students to be more effective writers in general. The amazing appositive provides students with a clear and definite strategy for including Extended Analysis for any document in a DBQ.

Using the Documents (The AP Euro DBQ: Part II)

An appositive is a noun phrase that renames a noun that immediately precedes it. The appositive is set aside by commas and works much like a parenthetical reference to the preceding noun. Analyze the factors that led to the colonists developing a sense of their own identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the American Revolution?

Now, students will likely analyze this document as evidence for the colonists unifying over time as their grievances with the British grew. They will likely argue that the cartoon illustrates the idea in the colonies that they would be stronger as a unified power rather than individual colonies.

Students will hopefully be able to show Extended Analysis in one of the following ways:. Historical Context : cartoon was produced at the start of the French and Indian War to unite colonists against the French and their Native American allies. Intended Audience : Colonial legislatures who Franklin wanted to convince to support the Albany Congress.

Purpose : generate stronger colonial defense on the frontier against the French and Native Americans. Point of View : Franklin was a newspaper publisher and an organizer of the Albany Congress trying to unify the colonies. This is where the amazing appositive comes in… Show students how to rename the noun with the extended analysis.

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Below are examples of the way in which the Extended Analysis above can be integrated into effective sentences that show document analysis, extended analysis, and support for a historical argument in response to the prompt:. You will notice that the sentences follow the same formula:. Noun name of doc or author , Extended Analysis HIPP , document analysis that supports the argument in response to the prompt.

By teaching students this strategy, they will feel more confident in their ability to incorporate Extended Analysis into their DBQ essays.

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You will also find that once this obstacle is overcome, students will likely included Extended Analysis for more than the required 4 documents. When students provide Extended Analysis with good SFI Specific Factual Information - another favorite acronym for more than 4 documents, they can then also be awarded the point for Outside Evidence beyond the documents. Students are often used to writing in a simplistic way that results in essays that read like lists of facts.

Many students have never been taught how to use transitions between sentences to establish relationships between ideas in their essay. From many conversations and class discussions, I have come to the conclusion that many students assume that if they list relevant evidence in a paragraph, the reader will make the connections. So, spend some time teaching students to use transitions.

In particular, students need strategies for using transitions that illustrate corroboration, qualification, and contradictions important to their historical argument. Using highlighters can be effective in working with any essay, but I have found it to be most helpful in teaching students to understand the DBQ rubric and recipe. The key to the use of highlighters as magic wands is matching the highlighters to the DBQ rubric.

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In my classes, I use highlighters that come in a pack of 6. Each color in the pack corresponds to one point on the rubric. You can see that I took the cardboard insert with the brand of the highlighters, inverted it, and added the code for the DBQ rubric for each color highlighter. After students complete a DBQ, they are required to use the highlighters to show their thinking process on the essay. I teach students to follow this order for highlighting:.

You can see in this image that the student has highlighted, I have provided feedback in the margin, in pink and the student has corrected the error … all by the magic of the highlighters! While the explanation for this process is quite wordy, it is actually very simple for students to do in class.

And, the results are phenomenal…. When you sit down to grade the highlighted essays, you can literally see what the students thought they were doing in each sentence of their essay. Based on the highlighting, you can tell when students thought they were contextualizing, providing extended analysis, and using document analysis to support their thesis.

Based on the highlighting, both you and the student can easily see if they followed the recipe for an effective essay. If you choose to allow students to rewrite problem areas in their essays which I highly recommend , they now have clear feedback that responds to their thinking on the DBQ essay. If you do not choose to allow students to rewrite, they can use the feedback on one DBQ to inform their writing of the next essay.

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I have even had students take out their last DBQ to reference when writing a new one in class. This feedback allows students to effectively correct errors in their thinking or understanding of the rubric requirements. I teach this process early in the year and we use it on every essay.

My students become so accustomed to following this process that if I happen to forget and try to take up unhighlighted essays, they quickly remind me! I am suggesting that to answer that question… you ask yourself a different one… How do I make pecan pie? When I was growing up, my grandmother made the best pecan pie in the world! I looked forward to her pie on every holiday, and, if I was lucky, at family birthday dinners.

When I grew up and became a real grown-up, I decided it was time I learned to make this amazing dish. My grandmother graciously agreed to teach me to make pecan pie. Now, my grandmother and probably yours could create her pecan pie without much reference to a recipe. But, she wrote down the recipe with the ingredients and instructions so that I, too, could create a pecan pie.