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Developmental Psychology There are three main theories of development that I shall discuss in this assignment, 'Cognitive', the main theorist being, 'Piaget', - , The, 'Psychosocial Theory', 'Erikson', - , and, The 'Psychosexual', of, 'Freud', - Cognitive Psychology draws the comparison between the human mind and a computer, suggesting that we like the computer process the information we acquire from around us and then react accordingly.

Hearnshaw, Developmental Psychology: An introduction Psychology is a field that is broken down into many subfields, each field distinctive in their nature. One of the most studied fields is developmental psychology. Before I explain the field in depth, it is important to understand what developmental psychology is, and how it came to be. Most uniquely. That is to say, if children have a healthy socioemotional development from infancy, they will have a healthy. The developmental psychology of a child is one that is in many ways difficult and very special to understand.

In finding if a child has a developmental problem or a psychological problem takes time and a delicate nature in finding the problem.

The child that I am going to represent and defend on his or her actions, is a child that needs the proper representation of his or her age of developmental. Developmental psychology is viewed as different types of approaches which aim to look at how people develop.

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Theories such as Bowlby 's attachment theory can explain how a child 's development can be altered by their attachment, thus leading to the ideology of the nature vs nurture debate, nature referring to the process of biological maturation while nurture is referring to the influence of the environment or surroundings, which involves the idea that a person learns through experiences.

One of the fields of Psychology that has influenced. During the course of a life time of a human being ,certain biological changes happens. The development stages are divided into different stages. Developmental psychology can be defined as the scientific study concerned with how and why human beings develop over the course of their life. Although connected with infants and children, the scope of developmental psychology has expanded over the years.

It also describes the concepts of adolescence. Developmental psychology is viewed as different approaches which aims to look at how children and adults develop. Theories such as Bowlby 's attachment theory can explain how a child 's development can be altered by their attachment, thus leading to the ideology of the nature vs nurture debate, nature referring to the process of biological maturation while nurture is referring to the impact of the environment or surroundings, which involves the idea that a person learns through experiences.

The Role of Shame in Shaping Character. This paper defines shame as a social emotion and notes the similarities and differences between shame, embarrassment and guilt. It is argued that shame plays a role in moral development and that it is important for individuals to cope with shame in order to avoid possible psychosocial problems.

Psychology Essay on Child Development

It is further argued that coping with shame contributes to positive character development and that therapeutic interventions should be used in cases where individuals have difficulties in coping with shame. Includes outline. MLA Style. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the personality theory of Harry Stack Sullivan, which emphasizes the role of interpersonal interactions in personality development.

The paper includes a discussion of the major constructs of the theory, as well as a discussion of the evidence from empirical studies that have provided support for the theory. Alternatives to Spanking. This paper is concerned with the recent trend among parents to seek alternatives to spanking when disciplining their children. Studies have indicated that spanking leads to psychological and social problems in later life. Various alternative methods are described, including verbal punishment, time out, grounding, and removal of a toy or privilege. It is argued that such punishments must be properly implemented for example, they must be consistent, age-appropriate, and balanced with positive reinforcements.

Includes annotated bibliography. Families of Children With Disabilities. This paper addresses the roles of family members in dealing with emotional and behavioral disturbances in a child with a disability. It is argued that social context and the characteristics of family members are more influential than family composition and constellation. It is important for parents and siblings to have effective coping styles and to be capable of providing a positive outlook. The paper also discusses the role of family belief systems and the need for social support both informal and formal.

Cognitive Views of Learning. This paper describes the cognitive view of learning and how it differs from the behaviorist view. Emphasis is placed on the information processing model of memory, which sees the mind as being similar to a computer.

8 Stages of Development by Erik Erikson

It is noted that there are educational implications in the fact that human memory has limited capacity. Some techniques that can be used to improve memory are discussed, including chunking and mnemonics using imagery and loci or "pegs". Sociodramatic Play. This paper starts by noting the trend in early childhood education of emphasizing academic results and neglecting the use of play-related activities.

It is argued that certain play activities are useful in the development of preschoolers and special needs students. As long as the play is "mature" play involving role-playing and the symbolic use of props , it can contribute to such things as creativity, cognitive abilities, social and emotional development, communication skills, and learning about diversity issues.

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Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence. A concluding section looks at strategies that teachers, community leaders and counselors can take to address the problem. Senior Adults vs. This paper considers the differences between adolescents years of age and senior adults over the age of 60 as they pertain to the way in which each group navigates the stages of social, cognitive, and physical development. Strict APA Style. This paper outlines a crisis intervention response following a hypothetical multiple-target terrorist attack affecting several U.

The crisis intervention program is designed to alleviate psychological suffering and address traumatic reaction among children aged 4 to 11 years. The plan focuses on children manifesting post-traumatic stress reactions and those considered to be at high risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Talk, play and art therapy techniques are recommended for use with the children.

Counseling interventions are planned for parents and school personnel. APA Style throughout. The study tested three hypothesis: 1 Females are more often portrayed in non-traditional roles in the post literature than in the pre literature; 2 Females are more frequently depicted in non-traditional roles in the post literature than male characters; and 3 There appears to be little change in the gender role depictions of male characters between the pre and post literature samples.

Strong support was found for all three hypotheses.

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  8. Included in the study write-up are twenty one for each book content analysis coding sheets specifying dependent and independent variables and gender role coding for each book analyzed. This paper provides an overview and analysis of gender development in childhood. The paper discusses the biological influences on gender development and compares the major social and cognitive theories on gender development. Theories considered included the psychoanalytic perspective, social role theory, cognitive development theory, gender schema theory, and the social cognitive theory. Concludes that the social cognitive theory provides the best and the most thorough explanation of how gender role and identity arise in childhood.

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    Adolescent Depression and Suicide. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the closely linked problems of adolescent depression and suicide. The first section profiles the problem of teen depression: discussing the epidemiology and etiology; considering how depression in teenagers differs from that found in adults; discussing the impact; and examining the role of family and peer relations as well as self-identity issues in the course of adolescent depression.

    The next section profiles the closely associated problem of suicide in adolescence: discussing its prevalence across the adolescent population; scrutinizing the etiological role played by depression and other factors in adolescent depression; and examining the role of family and peer relations along with self-identity issues as both risk factors and protective factors in teen suicidality. Bipolar Disorder in Children. Through a review of scholarly literature, this paper provides a brief overview and analysis of Bipolar disorder in children, with a particular focus on young prepubertal children.

    The paper discusses the estimated prevalence of the illness in children, identifies known and suspected risk factors for developing the illness and outlines the clinical course and symptoms of the disorder in children. The analysis also considers differential diagnosis, commonly associated disorders, and how bipolar disorder in children differs from bipolar disorder in adults. This paper examines the phenomenon of learned helplessness, an orientation in the learner leading to both motivational and cognitive disturbances and related deficits in performance.

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    The academic literature on learned helplessness in both children and adults is reviewed. A plan to evaluate the impact of these strategies, and a discussion of why learning may have failed to occur is also presented. An Interview on Motivation.