Essay on science for peace and development

Now he has all the amenities and luxuries at his disposal. Science has made our life easy and comfortable, healthy and enjoyable.

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It has made transport and communication easier and faster. We have succeeded in controlling certain diseases. The diseases which were considered incurable s few years ago are easily and effectively cured today. It is the science and technology which has helped us to be self-reliant in food grain production. We have high-yielding varieties of crops and technology and machines which contribute to produce more harvests in the same land areas.

What's happening

Science and technology has brought prosperity in villages. Science has changed our day-to-day life. Gone are the days when only the rich could afford the luxuries. Thanks to the spread of globalisation and liberalisation that all the luxuries are within the reach of man. Today, an average middle class family can afford TV, washing machine, refrigerator, computer, internet, etc. At the turn of the switch a man can witness an event taking place in far-off places.

The gifts of science has provided mankind a respite from the severity of nature—heat and cold. One of the greatest wonders of science is the invention of mechanical man popularly known as robot. It is one of the delightful curiosities of modern technology. The robots are being seen as a substitute to human labour. The days are not far when these robots will be installed in factories, workshops and offices. This is a mechanical brain which can do great works with speed and accuracy. Now we have super computers which can make calculations of billions within seconds. It has made our tasks easier.

Obviously, the answer is science and technology. For example, the Industrial Revolution which took place in Britain started the age of steam and open the world market. The Second Industrial Revolution, also known as the Technological Revolution, had a large significant impact of the world and began the age of electricity. Lots of inventions were created during this time due to the huge development of science and technology, such as plane, car, telephone. Essay Science and Technology Words 5 Pages. The relationship between science and technology has always been pretty equal, linked through their shared goal of helping to improve society.

But now, in the 21st century, it seems like technology is outgrowing its niche. The question that todays society needs to ask itself is this: Exactly how far is too far? For some this is a hard question, and for others, especially those in the medical field, it is an easy question to answer. Then of course there are the people who, like myself, are stuck in the middle and not sure which side is right. With all the positive scientific and …show more content….

Science for Society

Right now the choice is just science fiction, but just barely so. Scientists say the time is coming when parents will indeed be able to pick their childrens genetic make-up. The question presented now is if this is morally right and okay.

This process can and will challenge our fundamental thinking about who we are and what it means to be human. Do we, as human beings, have the right to take the creation of life into our own hands and attempt to play God?

The Goi Peace Foundation

Should we really be allowed to remake human biology? Personally, I believe in the saying that life is a gamble, you gotta take what you get and deal with it.

However, Im not saying that scientific technology is entirely a bad thing. Scientists already know that inheriting good genes can give some people a powerful edge.


They know a few of the combinations of genes that can help people resist some of the life-threatening diseases out there, so one goal of human engineering could be to help those who are genetically less fortunate by sharing these built-in health advantages. Another advantage of scientific technology is the new mechanical heart.

For some patients with failing hearts, doctors will soon be able to utilize an amazing device: the first totally implantable artificial heart that has no wires or tubes outside the body. For thousands of Americans suffering from diseased hearts, and for the doctors who treat them, this has been one of the most compelling yet unattainable goals for more than. Show More.

World Science Day for peace and development 2018 - themes of World Science Day 2011-2018

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Essay on world science day for peace and development