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It isn't quite the same thing no LOLs in a college essay , but the tone is very similar. There are three different kinds of college essays, and the personal statement is the one most students are familiar with.

Personal statements give the student an idea, or prompt, and ask the student to write about it. These prompts can be very detailed, like this one from The Common Application that's used by over colleges:. Some students have a background, identity, interest or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

Here, you get to pick a part of your life to share with the college, and what it means to you. Where the story goes, and how you get there, is pretty much up to you. To be honest, this is where most students blow it. Rather than see this as a chance to tell their story, they think they have to give a speech, or write a book report, which makes the tone of the essay very stiff and boring. Worse, some students think they don't have anything important to say. Since they haven't cured cancer, or won six Grammys, they feel like the college doesn't really want to hear their story.

But here's the thingthey do care about you, or they wouldn't be asking the questionand if you had already cured cancer or won six Grammys, you wouldn't be going to college anyway! Think about the student who wrote about taking a plane ride. He didn't save anybody's life, or have to land the plane all by himself without radarit was just a plane ride.

But who he ran into on the plane, and how he interacted with them, created such a great personal statement, he was not only admitted to an Ivy League college, but got a handwritten note from the admissions officer, saying this was the best essay he'd read in two years. This essay was about something lots of people do, but that wasn't what made it special. It was special because of the way the student told the story, showing what happened, and what it means to the student now that the experience is over. That's an important part of a good essay—show them, don't tell them. Consider the beginning of this essay, where a student talks about their experience on the track team:.

One of the most important parts of my ninth grade year was when I ran track. If you aren't bored reading this already, you should be. First, the student's already told us they are in the ninth grade, so we know they're a freshman. Second, the student's schedule is already on their grade report, or transcript. Does it really have anything to do with the story? Most important, the tone isn't really bringing us into the story—and it needs to.

The goal of a good personal statement brings the reader to you, not you to the reader. Something like this:. They ran out of space when they built our high school, so the football field and the track were built on the edge of a swamp. That made for an inspiring spring track season in ninth grade, when the humidity was so high it made yards on asphalt feel like slogging through the Sahara with an empty Aquafina bottle. This essay puts the reader right on the track with the student.

It still shows the student is running the , and still shows the student is in ninth grade, but it brings the reader right into the student's world. It's like the difference between this picture and this picture. Both show you a track, but one gives you the feeling of the track. In personal statements, feeling is important.

Ninth Grade Experience

That's important to keep in mind at the end of a personal statement. Now that you've told your story, the college wants to know what the story means to you, and why it's important—you could write about all kinds of stories, so why did you write about this one? Again, you want to avoid sounding like a narrator, so this approach isn't quite what we're looking for:.

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Looking back, I can see how much I grew as a person thanks to that track season. My GPA went up, I participated in several track camps over the summer, and I won the league championship the next year. This is OK, but it's really more of a list than a description of what the experience meant to them. In addition, the college can already see the list of camps and awards in another part of the application. It's better to use the essay to share new ideas—like this:. I taped the laces from my track shoes inside my locker at the end of freshman season. I replaced them with the league medal I won the next year, and replaced that with the medal I won junior year.

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If I learned anything from the heat of the swamp, it's knowing how to make the most out of each challenge, and to keep finding new ones. It's the only way you grow. The end of this personal statement is a powerful glimpse of how the student sees the world, and that's a key part of a successful essay. There are thousands of college choices out there, and tools like The Common Application make it possible to apply to dozens of schools by completing just one application.

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Colleges want to make it easy for students to apply, but they also want to know the student is serious about applying. Everything was going as planned I got in my number one choice and graduation from high school was coming up soon.

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All I had to do is wait for the summer to be over so I could execute my plan. I had everything ready all my stuff for my dorm, who were my roommates, and most important I knew what I wanted to major in. Ever since I was a little. Throughout my high school and college careers I have been a dedicated student-athlete as well as an involved community member. I played four years of baseball at Broadneck High School including three years on varsity.

I also played junior varsity football my freshman year and due to injuries, I moved to managing the varsity football team for three years. When I was 17 I had entered that small percentage of high school athletes that receive full rides. Because of my hard work and motivation to beat the odds set in front of me, not only did I reach my goals but I also broke the obstacles holding me back.

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Each school day I teach in two vastly different settings. In the morning I teach at an urban high school. We have roughly twelve hundred and fifty students. At my high school, we face all of the challenges you find in an urban setting. Sixty-one percent of our students are economically challenged. Many of my students work in the evening to help out at home or to have spending money. Attendance is a concern. Attending school regularly is an. Have you ever thought, how can my life get any worse?

Then life challenges you, and it gets worse. I was a straight A student, I had many friends, and I was a hopeful for an athletic scholarship.

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So, when I woke up that morning and received the news that would change my life, I asked, how can my life get any worse from here? Early in November of , I was sick. To me, there was no question it was the right choice. I was the first one to show up each morning and hang out in the ninth grade room. With just twelve other classmates our genuine personalities really showed, and no one was left out.

We're still discovering who we are at 14 and 15 years old, and having a familiar environment with teachers and friends whom the student has known for many years certainly helps the sometimes tumultuous process along. The ninth grade year also provides an opportunity for leadership as a student that one might not experience until their senior year of high school.

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For example, I ran for student council president during my ninth grade year. I didn't win or finish second , but the process taught me a lot about myself and ways of contributing ideas to one's community. However, to this day, I tell my friends and colleagues that FCDS and the ninth grade year in particular have contributed the most to my character, values, and work ethic. We had the chance to enter high school after having had a senior year, in a sense, with additional privileges and responsibilities. The chance to excel in leadership roles in the classroom, playing fields, and on stage made it an unmatched growth experience that instilled confidence in me.