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Given his oft-mentioned phenomenal aptitude for his new job and a talent for winning over other people, that goal seems all but guaranteed. Has he sacrificed his identity in pursuit of his status?

Is he an ignorant master or a shrewd subaltern? Changez has already begun to ask himself these questions when he sees the towers fall. And in the wake of the attacks, as tensions escalate between India and Pakistan, and the United States is caught up in patriotic displays that strike Changez as a dangerous form of nostalgia, he loses interest in his work.

He appears to hide himself and his emotions completely, until his reaction to the attacks through the sudden smile, pierces the shell. It seems to have come as a surprise even to him and while hardly endearing, it sets his tale in motion. Changez has a particular way with words, especially regarding the American.

An Analysis of The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Rather than stating the obvious, he offers a more agreeable alternative — one that permits both him and the American to continue their pretense. And that it is a charade right from the beginning. Come, tell me, what were you looking for? Surely, at this time of day, only one thing could have brought you to the district of Old Anarkali and that is the quest for the perfect cup of tea. Have I guessed correctly? He also talks about the suspicion with which the Americans view the Pakistanis, he tells him that the food is not poisoned and therefore offers an exchange of tea cups also to shrug all suspicions.

Guardian book club: The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

And fundamentalism, you guys have some serious problem with fundamentalism. The writer through the mind of Changez feels bridled but accepts that there was nothing overtly objectionable in what he said.

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Readers may be led to believe that the conversation over tea and dinner is merely a framing device, and that the true heart of the novel is the life-story Changez recounts, but that narrative is interrupted too often. Erica slips away from him, is confined to a mental asylum and eventually disappears. He is fired from his job. He returns to Lahore, bitter and disillusioned about the United States, and begins to teach at a university. His exposition of US behavior in its grief-crazed, wounded state offers a sort of postscript to this novel.

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And you acted out these beliefs on the stage of the world … Such an America had to be stopped in the interests not only of the rest of humanity but also in your own. Hamid keeps the ending of the novel open and faintly ominous. It is hard to tell how reliable a narrator Changez is. Show More.

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At this point, it changes from disrespect and bitterness to hostility and animosity. Before the tone of the story again escalates, another man appears and takes his friend away. Essay The Reluctant Fundamentalist By. Auden through violence and manipulation regardless of their specific contexts. Read More.

'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' by Moshin Hamid: plot, context, characters & themes! *REVISION VIDEO*

Words: - Pages: 5. Essay on The Reluctant Fundamentalist The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a taut and engaging piece of fiction, exploring the growing chasm between the East and the West.

Author’s Background:

Words: - Pages: 9. Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 8. Words: - Pages: 6. Does this seem like a fair analogy? Why or why not? Changez frequently mentions his romance with Erica and his infatuation with American culture, especially in the form of Underwood Samson's corporate culture, together to describe what he considers to be his single experience of America. One of the strongest parallels he draws between the two is the idea that Erica's nostalgia for Chris is like America's nostalgia for WWII nationalism.

Although Changez does not mean for the analogy to be strict, it becomes particularly problematic when one considers his selfish reasons for wanting to be with Erica, which do not have much of a political parallel. Similarly, if Erica represents America, there is no other love interest or person who represents Pakistan in Changez's political ambivalence. What other writer are you reminded of when u read the book The Reluctant Fundamentalists. I think this is asking for your opinion rather than mine. I don't know what you have read before. Where does the American prefer to sit? The Stranger sits with his back against the wall of the tea house even though it is a hot day and his position makes him less likely to feel any breeze that might gust in. I'm not familiar with this work, but I believe this quote refers to the fact that when in a strange place, people tend to think that they're being stared at or watched.

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